Lumi also unlawful in Jamaica, BOJ repeats.

The Bank of Jamaica is again warning that the unlawful “bond/note/currency” (AKL LUMI) being promoted by Timothy McPherson is not a legal tender in Jamaica. “Any purported issuance of currency on the island of Jamaica by a person or an entity other than Bank of Jamaica is unauthorised and in breach of the Bank of Jamaica Act.”

The release by BOJ comes again after new Chief of Accompong Richard Currie distanced the Sovereign State of Accompong from Economic community 6 (Eco6), Lumi, Timothy McPherson and all entities attached to such.

On March 3 2021 Chief Currie released this Memo —- On behalf of the Trelawny Town Maroons of The Sovereign State of Accompong I Declare that all matters regarding the LUMI currency in Accompong be ceased with immediate effect. This Executive action is taken in order to preserve the integrity and debt free status of our Sovereign Nation. It is my administrations fiduciary duty to protect the public trust from any situation that could be detrimental to our body politic.

This declaration is done in ‘Good Faith’ and with a sound mind based upon the following findings:

1. “The Central Solar Reserve Bank of Accompong” has foreign interest and stake holders that may not be working in the best interest of the Maroon people.

2. The architect of the LUMI currency Timothy Mcpherson holds a position as Governor of the Central Bank while claims to hold a position of Minister of Finance in our current government. This is a conflict of interest as Timothy Mcpherson personally owns a majority interest share in the Central Bank according to documents prepared under Col. Ferron Williams administration.

3. After multiple recent phone calls to investigate the matter Timothy Mcpherson is not able to explain what exactly is giving the LUMI note value as a medium of exchange. He is not able to provide any accurate figures showing the cost to the State for using the LUMI note after it has been printed in Canada and brought to the State to issue for use.

4. The LUMI printing plates are not owned or stored by our government which creates security issues for the State as it relates to the possibilities of counterfeit notes being produced. Furthermore, our government is not able to confirm who is regulating the printing of the LUMI notes to protect against the effects of inflation due to stimulus printing and distribution.

5. The contract that Timothy Mcpherson claims is the Bank Act for the Sovereign State of Accompong was not agreed upon or certified by the Full Council. Therefore, this contract is Constitutionally void and shall cease to exists.

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