Opposition Party Roles In A Democracy

The word democracy itself means rule by the people. A democracy is a system where people can change their rulers in a peaceful manner and the government is given the right to rule because the people say it may.

Benjamin Netanyahu ruled as PM of Israel for 12 years, but the opposition parties came together to remove him. “King Bibi” as he is dubbed, is upset and is accusing the opposition parties of a deep state conspiracy. This is nothing new when men hold power and hold it for too long. They become arrogant, boastful, full of themselves, while endeavouring to hold on to their power base. At times Bibi is referred to as a bully while trying to appear as if his main goal is to protect Israeli’s and their land. Now he is out because opposition parties came together and ousted him.

Many political leaders depend on division amongst their opponents to hold on to power. So when opposition members are united it could be the end of rulers who believe they are god’s gift to the people.

In Accompong, there is now word circulating that opposing factions are uniting. In February 2021, Ferron Williams a man occupying the seat of power in the Cockpit Country was defeated by a newcomer to politics Richard Currie. Williams was facing an uphill task because over the years Maroons became disenchanted by his leadership. Though he lost, Williams garnered more votes than he won with in the 2015 election. But voter turnout was higher than usual and newcomer Currie won. Several other candidates were in the last election, but they received way less than Currie and Williams.

Now word on the ground is that many, including those who voted for Currie is not pleased with his handling of the government thus far. Currie, a fan of releasing his intentions and actions on social media, has made several announcements since taking office. Currie announced the ending of any relation to Accompong and the LUMI, declaring Timothy Mcpherson an ‘enemy of the state”. Currie has also announced a new Cannabis Trust, a GoFundMe for a water project and a $50 million US dollar investment for the Cockpit Country. “I am very pleased to announce that the Government of the Sovereign State of Cockpit Country has secured a long term phased investment towards the development of the State. This development will be part of a multiphase program which will see disbursements of an aggregate of $50 Million USD in Stablecoin value over a 15 year period” said Currie on his Twitter and IG account.

A new constitution, a new medium of currency exchange, water project, cannabis project, care packages for single moms and elderlies, a new identification for Maroons are but a few of the announcements Chief Richard Currie made since taking office. But opposition is lurking with another contestant in the last election Sheldon Wallace making declarations on his facebook page.

“AS THE LEADER OF THE OPPOSITION PARTY IN ACCOMPONG, I ALONG WITH EVERY MEMBER ON MY TEAM HAVE THE RIGHT TO SEEK AND AID IN ANY DEVELOPMENT REGARDING THE STATE, NO MAROON LEADER WILL EVER THINK HE CAN CONTROL THE CITIZENS ACTIONS. ACCOMPONG NEEDS AND RESPECTS NO DICTATOR LEADERSHIP”, said Wallace on his FB status. In another post by Wallace he wrote, “For those who don’t know anything about an opposition, is a group or organization set to oppose any Government. an opposition forces the government to be transparent, look it up”.

Is there a “united opposition party” in Accompong, Cockpit Country? It appears one is on the horizon and that’s a great thing for democracy in a state that has existed peacefully in the western hemisphere for over 270 years. Leaders must be held accountable, transparency must exist for a state to be a welcoming place for investors and others with good intentions.

Accompong News is committed to bringing the news fairly and truthfully. The news welcome all parties in Accompong to air their opinions and let a vibrant democracy continue to reign in the Cockpit Country.

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Accompong News is geared at informing the public on Accompong current affairs, Maroon affairs and News from Jamaica & around the Globe. Stay tuned.
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annews AdministratorKeymaster
Accompong News is geared at informing the public on Accompong current affairs, Maroon affairs and News from Jamaica & around the Globe. Stay tuned.
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