Kabu, the audacity of your ignorance of wanting to “Burn the Pacified 1738 Maroon Treaty” is disrespectful behavior that is shameful, abominable and a blatant dishonor to our noble courageous ancestors.

Thomas Thistlewood Diary Reveals Disturbing Maroon Secrets: NO MAROONS CAME TO JAMAICA Andrea Williams-Green/Kabu Maat Kheru – Ire FM Radio Kabu Maat Kheru:
As the late, Right Honourable Marcus Mosiah Garvey so eloquently said, “Intelligence rule the world, and Ignorance is its Hindrance.”

Kabu, this is in response to your outrageous misleading argument regarding “Thomas Thistlewood Diary Reveals Disturbing Maroon Secrets: NO MAROONS CAME TO JAMAICA” Kabu, you stated that “…The Betrayal of the Maroons after the Signing of the Treaty in Jamaica, that is something that we must talk about and going to talk about…time come…”

Kabu, the audacity of your ignorance of wanting to “Burn the Pacified 1738 Maroon Treaty” is disrespectful behavior that is shameful, abominable and a blatant dishonor to our noble courageous ancestors.

Kabu, what would possess you to think of Burning the Treaty? Like your “learned scholars,” some of whom are badgering the Maroon people to apologize to them, you and those “very learned scholars” are invoking and inflaming passion/division among the good people of Jamaica.

Kabu, the words of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie: “If you are open-minded and ready to learn, there are many things, which you can learn not only from books and instructors but from the very life experience itself.”

Kabu, since you are so resolute about Burning the Maroon Treaty, I am suggesting that instead of Burning the Pacified Maroon Treaty, why don’t you and your “learned scholars” organize and publicly Burn the Deceptive Diaries of Thomas Thistlewood, the known, Colonial British Regime Planter? As a British Planter, Thomas Thistlewood was totally against the Maroons who courageously fought for our ancestral land, won the wars, brought the British to their knees, subjecting the greatest Empire in the world at that time and forced them into signing the Pacified 1738 Maroon Treaty, at Peace Cave, in the parish of St Elizabeth. Is that the Treaty you want to Burn? Kabu, Thistlewood’s comments is a deliberate attempt to mislead the public and because of your ignorance he has misled people like you.

Kabu, I wonder, what prompted a proclaimed Pan-Africanist like you to switch gear in mid-stream to take the stance to divide and conquer in order to demonize the Maroons in the worst way to turn the nation against them. Kabu, what have we learned from you—nothing? The tyrant will always find reason for his tyranny.

Kabu remember, those who lay traps for others often are caught by their own bait. As Bob Marley says, “Whosever diggeth a pit shall fall in it, shall bury in it so if you think you are a big tree we (the Maroons) are the small axe sharp and ready.” Maroons are not beholden to no one. The land was bequeathed to us, which no one would dare to dispute that fact.

Kabu, the memory of our noble ancestors’ good deeds live on, and every truth has two sides, and it is always best to look at both before committing oneself to fallacy.

Kabu, what you failed to learn and understand is that hypocritical speeches are immediately and easily seen through and you have made so many of them due to your ignorance and astounding arrogance.

Kabu, it is also amazing to me to see the influx of all the Johnny-come-lately Wagonists who are suddenly the sole authority on Maroons and the Cockpit Country–the Maroon’s Sacred Trust. What I also find very hilarious is that you have the gall to proclaim to be at the forefront of the fight for “No Mining in the Cockpit Country.” So, Kabu why Burn the Treaty?

Kabu, for years, the Maroons have been vigorously fighting for the protection, preservation and promotion of our legacy–the Cockpit Country. And I doubt that you were ever seen in the trenches with the true Cockpit Country Premier Soldiers who are constantly fighting for climate change and the protection of the Cockpit Country.

Kabu, you appointed yourself Hereditary Chief jumping on the bandwagon with the other Johnny- come-latelies turncoats’ environmentalists whose words you are using to enhance your agenda and spawning division among Jamaicans with your vicious scapegoating of a heroic people by using a Drunken Colonial Planter such as Thomas Thistlewood Diaries as an official primary source of your misleading argument.

Kabu, have you considered the seriousness of your uninformed position? Thomas Thistlewood’s Diaries is a TOOL OF OPPRESSION.

Kabu, what I gathered from speaking with an authentic learned scholar, over the years, who lived amongst the Maroons, Dr. Mildred Smith-Chang, who did her Dissertation on the Maroons “The Jamaican Accompong Maroons: Continuities and Transformation,” verified that Thomas Thistlewood the primary source of your nonsensical argument referred to Nanny our Nation’s Heroine, and the great Maroon Warrior Queen whom you claimed to revere, as “The old blood thirsty “hag” had a girdle around her waist with 9 or 10 different knives hanging in sheats to it, many of which I have no doubt being plunged in human flesh and blood.” 

Kabu, is that the kind of narrative you represent and is promoting? Since you were at the forefront of the fight for the Cockpit Country you should have sat down with the Maroons and listen to their oral history to understand their stories before you go on social media with your nonsense.

Kabu, these oral history serve as powerful enfranchising tool for marginalized historical subjects such as the courageous Maroons.

Kabu, have you visited any of the historical sites or Maroon Memorial places in and around the Cockpit Country? If you did, you would have had a richer understanding of the Maroons.

So, Kabu, stop the nonsense and propaganda spewing!

Kabu, do you know the important role of Commemoration? There you would find all the answers and you would stop imagining things as burning the Treaty and using a Colonial Planters’ Diaries to justify your arguments.

Kabu, for your edification, these memory places and historical sites are mirrors of the community and supply a crucial part of the legacy of the valiant Maroons who protested and resisted slavery and brought freedom from the damnable institution of slavery.

Kabu, we all recognize your strategy, you invite “fair-minded” “knowledgeable” people full of old wives tales to appear on your show to voice their opinion and then you hop on the run-away train with your fallacy and a tendency towards self-comparison to boost your self-esteem and be glorified by saying your usual nonsense like the Burning of the Pacified Treaty.

Kabu, now, my question to you Kabu, how would you enhance your propaganda if there was no social media to push your agenda? There again, I wonder who is paying, you, the self-appointed Maroon authority to spread such propaganda.

Kabu, it is a good thing the Cat-o-nine is outlawed.

Kabu, some people get where they are going largely by jumping on any opportunistic and unethical bandwagon that happened to be passing.

 Kabu, all we have heard from you is a familiar political sound—the noise of a skillful hypocritical wannabe whose aim is to cause mischief, division and spread propaganda and confusion for your own gratification.

Kabu, it is quite evident that the duly-elected Chief Richard Currie is a threat to you and all of the “so-called scholars” who are hell bent on demonizing and destroying the Maroons in order to capture the Maroons’ hard fought legacy, the Cockpit Country.

Kabu, Chief Richard Currie is out there with an attitude of faith and courage and waiting expectantly for his redemption. The Chief is anchored in our cultural traditions and carry a huge responsibility of ensuring that the rich tradition of our cultural heritage, which have been passed down from generations are respected, protected and kept alive.

Kabu, where do you come from? The Hunter never tell the lion’s story. You have the unmitigated gall and brazen boldness to want to Burn the Pacified Treaty and brazenly siding with the other “so-called scholars” whose intent is to create mischief and division to permanently deprive the Maroon people of their legacy. Kabu that is highway robbery.

Kabu, what a coincidence that Jesse Royal had “learned scholars,” like you and your guest in mind when he composed, “Modern Day Judas.” It is such an appropriate perfect fit for your fallacious argument. Kabu, nothing can be more fallacious than this kind of deliberate misleading rhetoric especially from your “learned” guest Kwame Piankhi and your revered, Drunken Colonial Planter Thomas Thistlewood.

Kabu, you must know by now, Maroons are overcomers and victory is in store for our future. We shall stand strong and unwavering with our Chief, Chief Richard Currie, and watch him work on our behalf to turn the challenges, negative attitudes and propaganda around for the victory and the future of the Maroon people at home and abroad.

Kabu, what you must know, Maroons are firm believers in freedom and we will not rest and we are calling upon our indomitable noble Ancestors for their divine intervention to bring you peace and harmony as well as to the entire nation so that very soon you will stop the nonsense and say:“Anywey mi gu mi kyaa las. Anywey mi gu mi kyaa las, cause mi know di road, ah mi know di pass.” Anywey mi gu mi kyaa las.”

Kabu, since you are so adamant about putting the Maroon on notice, the Maroons are putting you on notice and demand that you emancipate yourself from MENTAL SLAVERY, because it is people like you and other “learned scholars” that Thistlewood referred to in his Diaries as wild Negroes.

Kabu, those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

Kabu, this I leave with you in the hope that you will redeem yourself form your transgressions. Kabu, here are the words of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie: “Any who may wish to profit himself alone from the knowledge given him, rather than serve others through the knowledge he has gained from learning, is betraying knowledge and rendering it worthless.”

Kabu, the sign of ignorance is one of the most common ways to recognize fake intelligence especially when there is no critical thinking.

Kabu, I am quite positive that if you are open-minded and ready to learn, Dr. Mildred Smith-Chang would avail herself to shed light on the darkness of your ignorance and correct the argument you are trying to make regarding the Maroons, the Cockpit Country and the Burning of the Pacified 1738 Maroon Treaty.

Kabu, honest people seek truth by first looking at the facts through critical thinking and that is in short supply on your part. Believe Peace! Live in harmony, and you will be in sync with others who knows the truth and facts.

Kabu, as a reminder, the Maroons are guided by Article 32 of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Therefore, we, the Maroons are unyielding in our commitment to PROTECT, PRESERVE and PROMOTE the entire Cockpit Country without interference from misleading “so-called scholars” and “interlopers.”

Kabu, it is unapparent that you are unaware. In 2008 UNESCO recognized the Trelawny Town Maroon of the Sovereign State of Accompong with an Inscription on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Kabu, Matthew 5 v 9, says, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God.

Kabu, I close in the spirit of peace knowing that the God of Good, over Evil, shall prevail.

Coral Barnett

On behalf of Maroons at Home and Abroad   

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Accompong News is geared at informing the public on Accompong current affairs, Maroon affairs and News from Jamaica & around the Globe. Stay tuned.
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Accompong News is geared at informing the public on Accompong current affairs, Maroon affairs and News from Jamaica & around the Globe. Stay tuned.
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