Deacon Peter Espeut, first of all, you are quite correct, “The 1739 Maroon Treaty does not create
a Sovereign State.”
For your clarification and edification the ONLY valid Maroon Treaty, we, the Trelawny Town
Maroons of the Sovereign State of Accompong and the Cockpit Country are governed by, is the

Pacified 1738 Maroon Peace Treaty that was signed by Captain Kojo, Colonel John Guthrie and
Captain Francis Sadler on behalf of King George II at Peace Cave, in the parish of St. Elizabeth.
Deacon Espeut, after all these years you showed interest and support for climate change and the
preservation and protection of the Cockpit Country: A Sacred Trust!

Today, what a disappointment to witness your 360 degree political manipulative turn in terms of
the Pacified 1738 Maroon Treaty and its boundaries that our indomitable, noble, vigilant and
courageous ancestors bequeathed to their children, so that our born and unborn children and their
children, children, would never ever again have to fight for equality and freedom.

Deacon Espeut, my question to you is, “What data, evidence and research made you change?”
I never for one minute thought that you Deacon Peter Espeut, a so called man of the cloth, would
have exhibited such manipulative narcissist behavior by allowing the close-minded Government
to “gas light” you to conveniently and hypocritically get their fictitious concept of the 1739 Treaty
message across to gloss over the importance of the Pacified 1738 Maroon Treaty.

Deacon Espeut you have taken an overdose of the Government’s medicine as well as some of the
“learned scholars” false and often willfully misleading interpretation of the Pacified 1738
Maroon Treaty that is still legally relevant and binding. The remaining land of the Cockpit Country
cannot and will not be divided—that’s the position of the Maroons at home and abroad?”
You need to change your political medication whoever gave you that dosage. What I find very
sad is that your elite self is now on the political runway landscape. Your public accountability is
replaced by your self-serving propaganda leaving me to wonder which side of the Coptic you

For the life of me, and I am guided and protected by the power of my noble ancestors. Your article
on the so called 1739 Maroon Treaty is full of self-serving comments. You are no better than the
self-seeking politicians who use their power to abuse the Maroon situations. You are in agreement
with those close-minded politicians whose intent is to impair, distort and infect public opinion to
create hostility towards the Maroon people which will only lead to unnecessary conflict.
It is quite evident that what you are doing is to shape public attitudes toward the Maroons to
undermine our credibility that the Cockpit Country belongs to us and it is a Sacred Trust. Deacon
Espeut, all these years, through your articles, the Maroon people believed that you were kind,
supportive and love righteousness. I never for one minute believe that you are amoral or obsessed
with power and or self-gratification.

Your articles over the years made sense. However, for the life of me I’m now at a loss. Where is
this misleading bias coming from? It would appear to me that you are on a payroll.
Deacon Espeut, am I to believe that you are either on the Government’s payroll or Noranda’s
payroll, or both? Because this recent challenge to the Sovereignty of the 1738 Maroon Treaty
issue is based on the Maroon people’s objection to the Government’s illegal stealth operation
boundaries to allow Bauxite Mining corporations in the Cockpit Country to disrupt and destroy
our pristine eco-system.

Deacon Espeut, as you are no doubt aware, the true meaning of Salvation in Christianity is to
protect people from harm, risk and destruction and since you claim to be a man of the cloth what
is your justification consequences of this salvation? Where is your moral compass?
Deacon Espeut, my justification of your consequences is the story of The Emperor’s New Clothes,
and you being a man of the cloth, this analogy of the Emperor’s New Clothes finally uncovered
your deception and exposed your true self. The Government prey upon the common human
weaknesses of vanity and gullibility and try to con the Maroon people of the Cockpit Country out
of our legacy and wealth.

For the past 283 year the Maroon leadership was in limbo. However, God has been good to the
Maroon people and raised up and delivered a wise-Prince, Chief Richard Currie, who has revealed
to the nation and largely defines that the legacy of the Cockpit Country through Treaty Rights
belongs to the Maroons and not the Government of Jamaica. The Government for all these years
through greed has exhibited nothing but economic injustice to the Maroon people.

Deacon Espeut, the Pacified 1738 Treaty issue raises many questions about the British deceptions
of the Maroon’s heritage, which is a clear indication of your conformity and obedience to the
Government. And the reason why the Maroon Treaty issue is resurfacing, and raising its ugly head,
is because, we, the Maroons, have encountered many obstacles over the years due to lack of
leadership on our part, which provided an opportunity for the Government to abuse, deceive,
mislead and ignore the 1738 Pacified Treaty Agreement that’s why the Government of Jamaica
did not see fit to bring the Maroons to the table in 1962 to hear their side of the story, which
resulted in the unbalanced legacy due to the misrepresentation of the Government of Jamaica false

Deacon Espeut, how many of the “learned scholars” have lived amongst the Maroon people and
listened to what they have to say about these issues that are now being talked about, which is
causing hatred and division among the Jamaican population?
This rebuttal is on behalf of the Maroon people who are resolute and determined to protect,
preserve, maintain and defend the Sovereignty of the Cockpit Country and there will be No Mining
in the Cockpit Country.”

Deacon Espeut, this I leave with you, Proverbs 15 v 1 and 2: “A soft answer turns away wrath but
grievous words stirrup anger; the tongue of the wise use knowledge that is right but the mouth of
fools pours out foolishness.”

Submitted by,
Coral Barnett
Coral Barnett
On behalf of the Trelawny Town Maroons of the
Sovereign State of Accompong and the Cockpit Country

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Accompong News is geared at informing the public on Accompong current affairs, Maroon affairs and News from Jamaica & around the Globe. Stay tuned.
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annews AdministratorKeymaster
Accompong News is geared at informing the public on Accompong current affairs, Maroon affairs and News from Jamaica & around the Globe. Stay tuned.
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